Monday, October 19, 2009


Woot. Okay, CATCH A STAR has become L.A. CINDERELLA. It will be published June 2010 by Silhouette Special Edition.

FALLEN won 2nd place in the 2009 Golden Gateway and garnered a request for the full from the final editor.

I made it through round 2 of Paranormal Authors Fight Club and will be posting for voting again on Thursday. Without your votes, I'm not a competitor.

I'm awaiting results of two contests that I entered right before I sold. Things are really quite insane at my house right now. I'm making it, but it's a slow process of getting myself untangled from all the things that suck up my time.

How has your writing been going? Getting ready for NaNoWriMo. I'm trying to finish up my WIP so I'll be ready for NaNo. Where did the year go?


Annie said...

Wow! Congrat! I'll be looking for L.A. Cinderella in June! So you're going to NaNoWriMo again? I was wondering if you planned join the insanty again? I'm joining. I plan to take my first draft (my really long outline ;)) and turn it in to a series. So that my plans for NoNaWriMo.

The Cauldron Cafe said...

You know I couldn't be happier for you, Amanda. Looking forward to your book and NanoSprinting with you again. Good Luck!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Annie. Good luck with NaNo.

I love Sprinting, Kelly.