Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Brain, Can We Have a Talk?

Okay, so we already know that I'm having difficulty staying on task. But this is getting ridiculous. Normally, the patrons of my particular brain diner are nice and patient and are willing to go into their neat little files to wait for another day. I think they've finally caught on though. I keep getting new ideas and don't get back to the ones in the file. So basically I need to write a whole lot faster. But Micah and unnamed heroine (which will drive me nuts until I figure it out) need to be quiet. It's bad enough that Kaitlin and Caleb are working through their issues and Mark/Casanova and Kate/Amy have way too many names. But they are separate genres and each need their special moment in the sun. But there is also the immortal and his key who are getting crazy in my head.

To recap, Forsaken (paranormal), Casanova (category rom), Fearless (paranormal) and WFTWTE (paranormal, yup I'm not telling you the name) are all on the surface of my brain or seated at the counter in the diner and all are demanding to be served. Meanwhile, Fallen is sitting waiting for dessert (revisions). Wait and see what else my brain serves up.


Kristi said...

Heh, that sounds normal to me. Mine gets worse the less chance I get to work on things. Its like my brain keeps spitting out new ideas to push me to get back to it.

Right now, I have the ending (maybe 10k words) to write on Leap, a few revisions I want to do on my single title contemp., a category contemp in progress, a romantic suspense (which might get driven towards category length also) in progress, and firm ideas for another sci fi (novel or novella...not sure which...prequel to Leap), 2 women's lits, and a brand-new paranormal romance (no aliens).

That last one is driving me nuts, because I don't think I've even written down the idea, but the characters are definitely talking to me (because they can't talk to each other yet, duh), explaining motivations and backstory and...oh what a pain.

Oh yeah, and I have a few non-writing to-do's left before Nationals, which is like next week. So all these people need to just shut up for a while...

Annie Gray said...

Wow! I also have a good number of stoies or characters demanding attention, just not a many as you do! And it doesn't help that the story I want to work on, is not talking to me! not good!