Monday, June 29, 2009

Bad Writer, Bad

I would love to say that I'm currently revising Fallen or finishing Forsaken, but I've been taken a hold of by a different story and it's working it's way out of my system (4800 words into it). Next step is to form a synopsis for it so I can put it aside and work on my edits. Then when I pick it up I can slam through the first draft. Fun!

That and I'm preparing for Nationals. For those who don't know, RWA (Romance Writers' Association) holds a conference once a year for its member. This year is in Washington, DC and it's my first year going. I've spent a lot of time shopping for proper clothing and shoes for the occasion and going over my pitch for Fallen. I can't wait to go and there doesn't seem to be enough time left. 2 weeks.

I will begin my focused effort on Fallen tomorrow and tonight I'll try to wrap up Casanova.

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Jen Rincon said...

You inspire me!