Thursday, May 14, 2009

What You Are Missing on Twitter?

aka I waste time when I'm stressed.

Wendy Lawton discussed the Kisses of Death to authors.

Renee Hagar discusses branding at Rachelle Gardner's blog. Something even the beginning novelist should look at

Amie Stuart entertains Aphrodisia readers with her take on the Power of Love

Want to understand why HarperCollins twitters? The New York Observer discusses.

Yen discusses in a 3 part series the idea of sending review copies to bloggers

Dear Author is trying to determine if people love the love triangle or hate it

And finally, looking for a good ebook. Check out CoolerBooks. I'm not sure it encompasses everything, but it has a good number of ebooks available.

What now? Well, you could follow the discussions going on currently on twitter including ... well, lets just say some people can't get songs out of their heads, while others are busy making themselves into romulans and vulcans, still others are avoiding working, and others are discussing the merits of Amazon publishing.


Leigh Royals said...

yeah, i tweet too much. but not at work.

Btw, where ya been?

Anonymous said...

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