Monday, January 26, 2009

Whisper, Whisper

Fine, I hear your whispering. I acknowledge that you have a story to tell. I also acknowledge that I hate revisions. So your whispering is more than I can take.

Forsaken has finally risen up in me again wanting to be spewed out. (Unnecessary visual, ew) Regardless, I've tried to commit myself to revisions, but I just don't get it. I know I have to go back over and find the problems but if I didn't notice them when I was writing it, how am I supposed to find them now? Besides I haven't finished telling Caleb's, Eli's and Kaitlin's story. I want to tell their story. Get it down on paper and out of my head. But I also want Fallen to be in publish form, which means revisions. Ugh, dilemnas.

So how bout a compromise? If I read through x number of pages of Fallen, I'm allowed to write x number of words on Forsaken. Seems like an easy goal to set. Hmmm, if I want to finish by the end of February. That's 33 days. Page 47 to Page 186 need to be read (It's a screwy format to print on less paper), so 139 pages plus time to go over revisions on the computer and do hunt and kill exercises. 28 chapters. So if I do 20 pages a day, that's 7 days of reading and then 2 chapters a day for revisions would be 14 days, leaving my weekends free still. Okay, so then on Forsaken, I have about 25K written and 90K target, so 65K with technically 24 days of writing (not including weekends) ....about 3000 words a day.

So the goal starting tomorrow is read 20 pages on Fallen and write 3000 words on Forsaken. As a caveat, I am starting a part time job tomorrow for Tuesdays and Thursdays while the kids are in school. But let's give it a shot. Anyone else want a kick in the pants.

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