Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Written Word

Harlequin has been having their editors do podcasts about what they are looking for. Nocturne finally came up and I listened to it yesterday. All through it, Dragon's Heart roamed in the back of my head. This is a completed manuscript that needs revision. So I printed out the MS and the critiques and plan on reading through it and revising. I did write a little on Fallen yesterday as well, but the majority of my time was spent adding the crits to the printed MS. I've had enough time away from it that I think I should be able to look at it with fresh eyes. So here's to writing!


Merry said...

Good luck with the revisions, Amanda. Sometimes a bit of distance is all it takes to make the process more fluid.

Thanks for mentioning the podcasts, I didn't know about them but will check them out today.

Annie said...

WOW, Girl! Working on 3 stories at the same time. I hope your Dragon's Heart. get picked when you finally send it in!
BTW I'm not sure but I think your title is a title of a movie.