Saturday, March 15, 2008

Down But Not Yet Out

I've spent the last week sick on my couch. My daughter brought me home a nice cold that morphed into something nasty, but seems to be letting go after 8 days. However, I still have laryngitis. We have one week left in England. My writing has been nil for the past week. I don't think it would have made much sense when my fever was up to 103 F or 38.4 C. So I'm guessing writing time isn't going to improve over the next week, but I have high hopes when I get home to the States. Good intentions aside, I do want to finish Beloved and get back on to Fallen. Though having heard of quite a few (at least two that I know of) works in progress called Fallen, I may have to rethink the titles of my angels. So if I'm silent for the next week or so, I'm just too stressed about moving after losing a week to being sick, still sick, or hiding under a rock.


Anonymous said...

I saw your update on Sven and wanted to stop by and give you a hug! I hope you feel better soon, and good luck with the move!

Merry said...

Sorry you've been so poorly! Take care of yourself and try not to stress too much over the writing/ moving etc.
Good luck with the move, and settling in when you get back to the States!