Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sorry Sven I Suck

Ah, Sven, you know I asked you to start again, but this weekend has been crap for me. I did go over a crit partner's piece. So it's not like I wasn't in writing mood, I just wasn't writing. I'm claiming at least 1 of my free days for yesterday, though it won't let up on my deadline and I'll make up the words at some point during this week. I haven't finished up Beloved which sucks and will try to get it completed tomorrow and then start cracking at Fallen. Which I'll be 4K-6K words behind on. 2 weeks until the movers come and 3 weeks before we go home. So I'm freaking about that, but just think a seven hour flight where I can't do anything, but watch a movie or write. That and be super excited to be going home and super sad to be leaving England. But I have another idea for a book that I need to research before leaving. Either that or call my friend here all the time to figure out what to do. Life is about to get interesting.


Anonymous said...

There, there, Amanda. You've been working your heinie off and you're allowed a few days of non-writing. Plus, you're contributing to your CP's writing career, which is awesome, and contributes toward the greater good of the literary world ;)

Merry said...

Well, that's part of what the extra 'free' days were built in for! And you do have a lot on your plate at the moment. It's bad enough 'just' moving house. Moving house and country must doubly traumatic. (When I did it, my parents were in charge so I just had to be there!)
I hope today's gone a bit better for you - just remember, you may think that Beloved sucks, but, you can't fix a blank page. You've got it on paper which is half the battle. Once it's all down, you can attack what you don't like.
Good luck!