Friday, December 07, 2007

Fallen Off the Horse

I don't know what it is about this week, but I just can't drum up the energy to write. I even printed out what I had so far so I could read it over. I'm up to Ch 6. Tonight I'm going to bed with a book from my TBR file. J.R. Ward's Dark Lover. I tried to read a book I've read but that wasn't going well either. I've heard good things about Dark Lover, so here's hoping it's a two day read and I'll be back on my horse and ready to ride through to the end.


Elle said...

Amanda, I've picked up three books this week that I didn't finish. It must be some sort of record! I couldn't finish the Ward book either.

YAY on getting to chapter 6! Hopefully reading what you've written on paper will help you get back on the saddle again ;)

Best wishes!

Kristi said...

I think I've managed to write another maybe 2-300 words on mine since November 30th also. I have more of an excuse, I suppose, but I would really like to finish the thing...I really need these people out of my head! I thought I would have had plenty of time in the hospital with Trystan to write, but he wanted to be attached 24/7, so I didn't have hands free. I couldn't even read, just watched TV. That sucked because that Saturday morning I finally figured out how the biggest missing scene would play out, but couldn't spend any time on the computer writing it down.

Reading a good book does help. In the midle of November, I picked up a Karen Robards book at the library, and finished it in like 2 days--reading it in the car, waiting for an oil change, and while the kids were playing, and basically any time that I couldn't be on the computer. Her book was very different from mine (more action driven), but it still helped the momentum. Then again, distraction always helps me concentrate (paradoxical, I know...can you spell ADD?) :)