Thursday, December 06, 2007

Begging for Inspiration

I've written a total of 511 words since NaNo ended. I've opened my novel multiple times. Read through the last bits. Wrote a few words. I just can't get to where my characters are. The next scene just isn't easy on either character. I think I need to work on the characters' motivation for the scene. Kinda like an actor. What am I feeling at this moment? Why am I feeling it?

The one thing that has been bombarding my conscience is ideas. Flurries of the darn things happen at the oddest times. I'm not complaining, but I'd like to finish this book and start polishing. I'm thinking of entering it into a contest and need it done. I got stuck on my last first draft in roughly the same spot. I think stopping my momentum for a "break" is what the real problem is.

So here's hoping today is the day I reach up and grab the words I desperately need.


Annie said...

Good luck on finding your characters' motivation. I hope they start talking to you soon! I also hope you catch up on your word count!

Amie Stuart said...

Hey maybe you're just having a hard time being mean to them? Can you write teh scene and then write the segue?

Elle said...

Sorry to hear about the lack of motivation--I'm in the same spot. I think what helps me the most is listening to just the right music for the scene and reading some research-type books to help me along. Now I just need to find the time--and a quiet house--to do it *sigh*

Good luck!