Sunday, June 20, 2010

Writing, not so much

Unfortunately, with the promo of L.A. Cinderella (which hasn't been that much) and the drugs given for my hip surgery, I haven't written much or revised much. I'm feeling the pressure to produce, but the pressure is totally internal as everyone has given me a pass with the hip thing. Turns out I did have damage that was repairable in my hip, which is magnificent news. And with the hip issue hopefully resolved in the next 4-5 months (yes, months) I will once again be able to sit for long periods of time at the computer. Yay!

This week, I'm making the effort to revise poor Casanova and then moving on to Alex's story, since I'm in the frame of mind. If I can plow through Alex, then I can shift back to Fallen (which will be retitled as the umpteenth million book comes out with the same title. When I looked to see if it had been used when I started the concept for this story, it hadn't. *sigh and fume*). No worries though.

I'd like to get the finalized version of Casanova to my editor before the end of the month. I'd like a first draft of Alex and Fallen before Nationals. Both of which should be totally doable. That's 50K for Alex and the remaining 30-40K on Fallen. I don't anticipate that Casanova will take me too many days.

With my recent forced vacations (thought I'd write when we went to England & didn't and pre-surgery jitters and post-surgery meds), I feel comfortable jumping in full steam into these projects come Monday. I think while I lay here in my lovely CPM machine for the next 1-1/2 hour I shall create a plan of attack, which is unlikely that I will follow it, but it helps my brain think it's in better control than it actually is.

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