Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, for me so far NaNo has been mostly No. As in very little progress on the NaNo book. First off I want and need to finish Exposed (not the whole title, I like to keep you guessing), see off to the side I put a shiney new ticker just for it. I'm flowing into the black moment and found that trying to write on the NaNo while this one was screaming at me to be finished just wasn't going to work out. So I will be cramming for NaNo once I finish this one. I love my Hollywood flavored books. So hoping my editor will love my next one too.

I get to watch E! and read People and claim it's research. I also get to look up things like the Oscars and fabulous clothing and shoes. My most recent was London movie premieres. The Leicester Square Odeon is the movie theatre. They even have a live webcam which is sweet and can spur a whole new array of ideas. Okay, back to my characters. Cheers!


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I won't bother wishing you luck with NaNo for I'm confident you'll finish alright but I'll wish you all the very best with you Hollywood book. I'm sure your editor will love it.
Take care

Kristi said...

Instead of counting only words from one book, you should try keeping count of total words across all work for the month. I bet you'd still come out ahead, since I know how hard you're working on Exposed :) And besides, paid work come before NaNo any time.

Or, take the year off, and we can go pen-to-pen (keyboard-to-keyboard) next year.

Amanda said...

I think I might do something entirely silly for NaNo. I did a writer's challenge on a forum and it would be kind of fun to just pound out 50,000 words of complete nonsense.