Monday, March 30, 2009

Words Are Creeping Up

Yes, I'm adding scenes to Fallen and making it a longer book. Finally! So I'm plugging away at getting the important bits down and then will go through and make a pass through to make sure I'm not repeating myself later and there are a few scenes at the end that I know could use a little more beef. Then back to Beta Readers.

I also want to complete Forsaken this month. Meaning 50K in a month. I do it in November all the time. Except in Nov I have a bunch of folks plugging away beside me. So if anyone is left following this blog (Hi!) and wants to play too, let me know. We'll commisserate.

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Anonymous said...

I'm still reading along but not really up to a NaNo like challenge. I'm saving my energy for June when SocNoc hits. I have been working on my NaNo manuscript this month though. Just did a quick blast through and added 5000 words. Another 15,000 words and it will finally be category length (woo hoo!!).