Sunday, June 03, 2007

Temporarily Derailed

I was going very strong the first part of this week. We went out of town Thursday through Saturday and no writing was created today either. However, not counting the last two days, I had an average of 1596 words per day. My lowest day was 1017 and my highest was 3056. I have a total of 15614 words written on the story. Realizing that my plot was reaching the half way point, I began to panic. I'm hoping that my first draft at least gets to 50,000 words. I'd rather it be more, but I know I have to work more description and character into the first draft. I did think about what I need to develop my villain more. She's needs a little more flesh on her bones.

So the goal for this week is the same to maintain an average of 1500 words a day and to get above 20,000 words. I have a big scene worked out that will be the next thing I write. I also need to work on my villain.

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